Architecture is a travel in space and time. People, nature, colors, senses, light and details are its components that form and design the space. Eva Ampazi Architects and Associates was founded in 2005 by Eva Ampazi, in order to continue this travel with respect to human needs and environment. Simplicity and shapes geometry in combination with ingenuity and innovation of materials and technologies, outline the main principles of its architectural philosophy that endeavor to satisfy, capture and inspire life.



Design, Construction and Project Management of different scale of projects in private and public sectors. Experience in urban planning and design of residential buildings, administration, educational, sports, tourism, commercial and cultural facilities construction. The office has a class B design degree for public sector projects and its services includes all the processes the modern Greek legislation defines and demands for all kind of properties.


The design and proposal of the architectural research group, with the vision of the completion of architectural design, includes art and design works of different scales. Artistic creations through painting, sculpture and photography, configuration items, details, furniture and utilitarian objects with innovative forms of unusual and innovative materials, enriched with artistic references that create distinctive new aesthetic approaches.


The development of real estate is directly related either to the ephemeral or timeless architectural design. The team partners with continuous updating of the international market trends and the development of real estate offers advice, proposals and solutions for the appropriate investment and development of properties, according to the owner and the investor requirements, in the frames of modern legislation and environment.